“Live your life like it is your last day here” is the life motto of LastDayHere

LastDayHere redefines the modern rock and metal genre. Mixing modern influences with the sounds these genres have produced over the last 40 years and by adding an incredible energy to this mix, gives LastDayHere their own unique and accessible sound. With their new album "A New Beginning", they once more want to show that they mean business.

"Uniqueness is something that is often lost in the music industry. Bands try to put their own "stamp" on the music they create, even if what they're doing has been done a thousand times before. The treat is when a band comes along and does something, that, though they bear similarities to what's come before them, they put enough of their own "stamp" on the formula or genre to say they're doing something new or unique. We have this treat when listening to LastDayHere. LastDayHere has something that makes them stand out above the rest. They combine all the right elements with such balance and style that makes you wonder just where they've come from. LastDayHere are incredibly tight, they have a fresh, adrenaline pumping, sound of sheer quality and listenability of Rock Metal." (One2One ProMedia, USA).

The band formed in 2005, and after some changes in the band line-up was fully formed in 2011, when Saso came into the band to join Marko, Jure, Uros and Tommi. “With our music we try to translate what we experience in our own lives, experiences we believe everyone has to deal with at some point in their lives as well, by pouring our souls and emotions with a similar level of intensity into the music and lyrics we create. With our latest creation, we hope to share all this with our existing audiences, but also that it helps us further in being presented to an even wider audience”.

"A New Beginning" is a 15-track, non-stop groove and power album. It catches the attention, crawls into the mind and craves for more.  It has it all - melodic parts, hard riffs and breakdowns that a modern listener wants to hear. Great music is spiced up with energetic vocals that turn from distinguished growl to clean singing. “This album will show more of the band and the people in it. We feel our instrumental basis has matured with us and that it has consequently become a bit heavier but yet more complex, without losing our signature. In regard to the vocals and lyrics we believe they take quite a different perspective than those on our previous album, dealing with more fundamental questions of life and even heading towards spirituality”.

LastDayHere's debut "From Pieces Created", accompanied by their video trilogy to tell its story visually as well, penetrated right into the heart of Europe, getting LastDayHere to play with some of the bigger names and in some of the best venues.  "The foundation are beautiful, powerful, emotional melodies that invite you to relax and linger, while one is taken back again by juicy grooving riffs. Indeed LastDayHere shows an astonishing maturity in terms of their compositions and the press kit does not lie when it states that "From Pieces Created" can easily match the American standards for this genre" (, Germany).

Since then, they have been sharing the stages with Ill Nino, Black Stone Cherry, CKY, Delain and many more. In 2011 they also had the chance to tour in Canada and as part of this tour performed as one of the international acts at the Canadian Music Week in Toronto, Ontario twice.

“All the people we’ve met at our gigs became members of the “LastDayHere family” and we are still in contact with the majority of them. We are grateful and proud of the fact that we have seen many people coming from all over the world to our hometown, Celje in Slovenia, not the most obvious place in the world, to see a band perform live. We strongly believe it is important to maintain a sincere relationship with our fans and friends. We keep reminding ourselves every day that these people are part of our inspiration and that without them we would have never had the chance to have all the experiences we had so far. We wouldn’t be who we are today.”

For LastDayHere every gig is as important as if it was the last, which is in accordance to the band's name based on the saying "live every day as if it was your last". All that we have is this moment and it has to be seized to the maximum. The result is a convincing and powerful live performance every time they hit the stage.

It is time for a new beginning… it is time again for LastDayHere!


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